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Water seeps slowly from some of my sprinklers

First monitor your sprinkler to see whether water only seeps for a little while after irrigation and then stops, or if it continues to seep throughout the day.

If the water only leaks for a while after irrigation stops.

Gravity plays a large part in any irrigation system. If one of your sprinklers is in a lower position than the others on a line, such as the bottom of a hill or incline, standing water in your pipes will flow there when your system is off. If there is enough water, it can build enough pressure to push up through the sprinkler and cause the sprinkler to trickle or leak. There are two possible solutions to this problem. You can install a check valve in your irrigation line, or your can purchase a sprinkler head with a check valve built in.

If the water seeps continuously throughout the day, there may be a problem with your irrigation valve. It may not be completely stopping the flow of water after the controller tells it to. Check the diaphragm inside the valve, and check to see if there is something that is allowing water to seep past the valve, like a rock or some other obstruction that is not allowing the valve to do its job properly.

If this does not answer your problem or if you have other irrigation problems and concerns please drop in to chat with our helpful staff.